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The Fruit Chat


Today is P-Day and it has been a very interesting one!  For those of you who aren’t missionaries, “P-Day” stands for “Preparation Day” and it is when we can read and write emails, clean our house, go shopping, play sports, or visit local attractions.  When someone tried to plan a branch activity on Monday, our branch president (who is a returned missionary) said the following, “P-Day is the most important day of the week – the sacred “Day of Rest” for missionaries . . . you can’t mess with P-Day.”  It was pretty funny, but there is also a lot of truth to what he said.  We always try to use our preparation day to the maximum.  This preparation day was a little bit different though . . .

As we were walking to lunch after church yesterday, we saw Brother Luna in the street talking to a family.  We waved to them all as we passed by and Brother Luna motioned for us to come over.  As we came closer we saw that he was trying to console the family.  The mother was crying and her son was sitting on the bench staring off into space.  He explained to them that we can help and told them that tomorrow at 3:00 we would be passing by.  We quickly agreed and offered any help we could.  Afterward, we hurried on to lunch not knowing what would happen the following preparation day.

Today we tried to finish everything that we could in the morning before we had to travel to our area (which is about 30 minutes away).  Luckily, we finished (almost) everything and set off.  We arrived at Brother Luna’s house to find that there was a problem with the appointment.  We rescheduled for Wednesday feeling a bit frustrated with our decision to work during P-Day.  Why had we scheduled the appointment during P-Day?  We felt that we had sacrificed our time in vain.

We decided to stay and chat a bit with the Luna family.  Something was different.  We were able to talk to them without worrying about anything.  We could talk to them as friends of the family – it was great!  Afterward, we went to the branch president’s home to get something that we had left there.  When the president saw us he was really surprised.  “Isn’t today P-Day?  What are you doing?!”  We explained everything and his wife invited us in to chat.  We passed the time with them chatting about life and eating fruits.  It was really fun!  As we left to write emails before working again I turned to my companion and said, “Well, I enjoyed P-Day!  What about you?”  He chuckled to himself and agreed.  Another P-Day well spent!

It wasn’t something that we had planned, but everything worked out perfectly!  We had a really relaxing and enjoyable P-Day!  I would have never planned to chat and eat fruits for our daily activity but it did the job!  I realized that if we do what we are supposed to do, nothing else really matters.

Heavenly Father knew that the appointment was going to fall through but He didn’t prompt us to set a different day.  We were supposed to set it for today.  It wasn’t because we were going to teach – because we didn’t teach.  It also wasn’t so that we could socialize with the members even though that’s what we did.  It was our duty to offer help to the family and we did our part.  It didn’t matter what happened afterward . . .  in fact, anything could have happened and I’m sure we would have enjoyed it!  We complied and God did the rest.  We thought of others instead of thinking of ourselves.  When we are focused on ourselves, we sometimes have a good time and sometimes not.  When we are focused on others, we can always have a good time!  “And whosoever will lose his life in this world, for my sake, shall find it . . .” (JST Matt. 16:28)  Follow the Savior’s example in doing good continually and you will truly be happy – no matter what happens!

I hope that you all have a great week!  I can’t wait to see you all soon!  Take care!

Elder Carter

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