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The Lord Knows


Well, today was transfer day again.  Last night at 9:30 they called us with the news.  Elder Montaño was transferred to Concepción which is about an hour from here.  Elder Serón was transferred to Chijra 2 which is where I was working right before I came here.  I was really excited for him because I really loved it there.  They both packed up and left this morning at 9:00.  Hardly anyone in our branch knows that there was a change, but they will all know very soon!  Our new mission president, President Levrino, announces the transfers one day before (instead of on Friday) which makes the goodbyes shorter and easier (much like the change in the MTC two years ago) and also helps to prevent “trunkiness”.  I think that it’s a great idea . . . other then the fact that it is harder to get any goodbye pictures and exchange contact information.  It is still worth it and I know that our mission president is inspired to make all of the changes that we are going through.

There were many other changes as well – such as the ability to extend your mission an extra transfer.  I have really wanted to extend my mission ever since I started (I love being here!), but the rule changed after they bought my ticket home.  I guess I’ll just have to continue my mission there!  My Heavenly Father knows what He is doing, and if he wants me at home, that’s where I’ll go!

Anyway, due to transfers, I don’t have any more time.  I just wanted to share a quick thing with you all.  We have been teaching Ramon Rodrigez for some time now and he is amazing.  He is 72 years old, but reminds me of my Grandpa Bill.  He just keeps going and going (like the energizer bunny as my Grandma says).  Anyway, it all started when he decided to change the roof on his house.

We weren’t there, but he tried to explain what happened.  As he was working, he suddenly lost his footing.  He slid over the edge, but caught himself clutching onto the edge.  He was hanging there with about a 10 foot drop and he didn’t know what to do.  He didn’t have the strength to pull himself up over the edge, but he also knew that a drop from that height could be very dangerous.  Then he remembered that He needed to trust in God and everything would turn out for the best.  One phrase ran through his mind, “The Lord knows.”  It gave him the comfort that he needed and he dropped from the roof.

He fell to the ground and landed on his feet, but the shock of the drop knocked him backwards.  He landed perfectly on his back, and then sat up.  He was fine!  He stood up and checked to make sure that he was alright and all he had was a little scratch on his leg to remind him that he really did fall off of his roof.

As he told us the story, I marveled at his faith. He could have died or been paralyzed if he landed wrong.  Instead of fearing of what could happen, he remembered who was really in control.  He did everything possible and then trusted the rest to the Lord.

Sometimes we need to stop and think . . . Where does my strength really come from?  What is the real purpose for everything that happens?  Am I doing exactly what I know I should?  How can I be worthy of God’s help in my life?  I have asked myself the same questions thousands of time.  Usually I know the answers, but I forget to apply them.  I know what to do and I forget to do it.  I expect His help without giving mine.

Ramon is a big example to me of faith and I know that I can learn a lot from him and from everyone else.  In the MTC they told us that everyone has strengths and weaknesses and that we need to learn something unique from each person in order to become stronger.  I think that it is very true and I challenge you all to learn from those around you, too – it really works.

Well, I really do need to go now.  I talked about a whole bunch of things (please excuse the lack of organization), but I hope and pray that it will help one of you who read it.  I really appreciate everything that you’re all doing and I can’t wait to see you all soon!  Have a great week!


Elder Carter

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