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Changing Lives


I am an uncle again! WOOHOO!!!! Congratulations Scott and Meghann Slaugh (aka: Sceggy) and Savanna Rose (Sceganna?)!!!! I am excited to see all three of really soon! Good luck with everything! ¡¡¡¡FELICITACIONES!!!!

This past week was a very emotional one for all of the missionaries here too. It was the last conference with our mission president, President Dan Northcutt, and his wife Cynda. We learned about several things that will help a lot in the field (like always) and then we had lunch (normal right?). Then, after lunch we got together and listened to several missionaries sing a hymn and then watched as our president made his way to the front. He started teaching us of the Savior. He explained many things from the vision of Moses in the Pearl of Great Price and then taught us many things about the universe and the creation. He helped us to understand who Christ is, what He did, and most importantly – why. Then he moved on to share two very personal spiritual experiences from his life and what he had learned from them. I won’t share them here, but they make up part of what I wanted to share with you. They really impacted me and left the deep impression that I need to do better in order to be worthy of the blessings waiting for me.

What made the biggest impact on me was the preparation that our president had to go through in order to receive the life changing experiences that he had. He spoke of years of preparation and obedience. He also went through all of the details of what happened and how everything fit together perfectly. He had been listening to the Spirit and did exactly what he needed in order to have his experience. Also, each of the experiences was coupled with him pouring out his heart in prayer. Not one of desperation in time of need or one of fleeting words muttered by tradition. He really gave everything he had and expected an answer.

Signs and miracles are never given to prove divinity of Christ or the validity of his doctrines. Doing so would destroy faith and testimony. Christ Himself made it very clear when he said, “An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it.” (Matthew 12:39) Nevertheless, we should be diligently seeking spiritual experiences through faith. Such experiences are necessary for our personal growth and conversion. We are encouraged to seek gifts of the spirit, personal witnesses of divine truth, and faith building experiences. But how can we become worthy of such a gift? Just like our mission president, we all need to carefully prepare for our own spiritual experiences.

* He was obedient to the best of his capacity up until that point.
* He prepared thorough consistent study and prayer.
* He knew how to recognize and follow the spirit.
* He prayed diligently in the moment that he was prompted.
* He was worthy of what he received.

I wish I could talk about this for longer, but I have run out of time. I am going to include a couple of pictures – one of our zone, and the other of me with President and Sister Northcutt. Prepare the best you can so that you will be prepared for those special experiences when they come. It is definitely worth it! As the President gave the closing prayer, he started to pray on our behalf. The spirit was so strong and I cried. Do everything as perfect as you can and no effort will ever go unrewarded. Have a fantastic week!

Elder Carter

La Zona Tucumana

The Northcutts

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