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Thanks! Happy Birthday to you, too!


Thanks so much everyone!  I got a ton of Happy Birthday messages throughout the day in many different forms – in person, text messages from the ward, Facebook messages forwarded by Kristen (Thanks, Kristen!), emails, pillowcases, photos, etc. . .  You guys are all awesome!  My birthday was amazing – especially hearing from all of you!  Thank you!!!!

This is the first time I had my birthday on Preparation Day and so it was much different from my last birthday.  I wanted to go on an adventure but we woke up and it was raining.  Here is what happened instead:

01 Cross-eyed Well, this picture doesn’t really fit in . . . but in case you are wondering what I am doing, I am trying to cross my eyes by looking at the bridge of my nose instead of the tip of my nose.  I thought that I was doing it but my companion took a picture of the dumb look on my face to prove that I wasn’t even close.  Oh, and I know you are going to try it now . . . don’t worry, nobody is looking!

02 Birthday Surprise

I also got to open my birthday package!  It was awesome and had everything I need including several exotic extracts (maple syrup and root beer – they don’t exist here), tongue scrapers, a spare camera battery, a pillow case, super sour candies, pictures, etc, etc, etc!  It was really fun and reminded me of home (but don’t worry, I’m not trunky – that is one of my main goals =D).

First, we went downtown to the Tourist Center of Tucuman (it´s just a visitor center but they call them tourist centers here).  We got a bunch of maps and information for future p-day adventures and also saw a cool place to eat.  We got lost on the way to the restaurant, but luckily found a nice police man with his friend (in a Delta Airlines jacket) who helped us out.
02 The View
It looked really upscale.  They used wine looking glasses and all of the waiters were in formal clothes.  This is a picture of the table next to us.  What kind of a restaurant was it?  A Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet of course!  Each plate was $6.50 USD (isn’t Ärgentina great?)
03 Sushi Delight
This is me eating some sushi – yum!*

04 Getting StartedHere we are together.  Elder Serón is on my right and Elder Montaño is in front of me.

05 First PlateThis was my first plate, notice the tasty looking octopus!

06 Yum, Octupus!Here I am giving it a first taste.
07 Octi-sandwich
It was tasty so I decided to make a sandwich out of it.  I decided to include a sauce that was almost like sweet-and-sour without the sour (kind of like jelly but with a sweet-and-sour sauce taste).

08 Chinese PlateThis was my second plate with a Chinese theme . . .
09 Argentine Plate
. . . And my third with an Argentine theme.  There are two different empanadas, a potato casserole thingy (above), milanesa (the breaded chicken thingy by the pepper), and a bomb (the thing in the middle).  Yes, it is really called a bomb (bomba).  They make it out of different things, but it usually involves deep fried potatoes, cheese, and flour.
10 Dessert
This was my dessert and I didn’t theme it at all, but almost all of the food was Argentine anyways.  The banana is coated in Dulce de Leche (caramel which they call “Milk Sweets” or “Candy of Milk”), cake, flan (it is on the far left and is a cross between jello and pudding), jello, fruit salad (in the bowl) and a mysterious fruit (some sort of plum?).

Anyway, it was all really delicious!  I don’t have much time for anything else, but I hope you enjoyed the birthday tour.  I promise I will share something more uplifting next week, but until then – here is a thought that sort of fits with my email:

Don’t get so caught up in the destination that you forget to enjoy the journey.
(paraphrased from a picture in my Mom’s bathroom)

Thanks again for everything!  Have an amazing week!  I love you all tons and tons and I can’t wait to see you all soon!

Elder Carter

PS  I got my travel plans and like I promised here they are:  I will leave Buenos Aires at 10:30 pm on Tuesday September 6th and will arrive in Salt Lake City on Wednesday at 4:40.  See you then!

*OK, it is really my place mat, but it made for a great photo!

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