Elder Carter's Argentinian Mission

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Happy Mother’s Day!!!


My first week in Tucuman was awesome! I got to meet lots of great new people and talk to my family (the great…classic people). My phone call home was definitely the highlight of my week and for the first time in my mission, our president has authorized Skype video chat. I got to see my new nephew and my soon to be niece. It was absolutely wonderful! My companion is really nice and is a very hard worker (I don’t know why I say that every time…it seems like all of my companions have been hard workers. I guess that’s because they are missionaries!) Yesterday, we went to church and I got to know all of the members. There aren’t very many members in our branch (there were about 40 members in church), but all of them are really nice. Many of them have already helped us teach some of our new investigators and we are hoping to be able to baptize several people in June. I am really really excited and can’t wait to see what’s in store!

I wasn’t able to share my goodbye pictures, so I picked a couple of random ones to share. There were tons, but to keep it brief, here are some of the people that many of you know (through my letters). Also, I put a couple of old pictures on that I haven’t shared yet…just for fun!
They Prefer...
I really enjoyed being able to knock this house. Nobody was home, but we saw something interesting in the window…


They prefer MasterCard! I don’t exactly know where they got that sticker from because MasterCard isn’t very popular here…it was a really random thing to see. I decided that it would be a funny as window sticker for college though!

Last Activity

This was our last activity before we left. We made a giant maze in the gym out of masking tape (several rolls worth) and everyone had to push their tangerine around and collect several numbers (with a different order for each person) without running anyone else over. It was really fun! The prize?…a nice juicy tangerine that you had just rolled all over the church!

Downtown Jujuy

This is a photo that I took with my companion in my area. That is downtown Jujuy behind us. We were at that house to pick them up for church and decided to take a picture of the view. I think that it was a great spot to put a house!

And now for the goodbyes…[sniffle]. To be as efficient as possible, I will list the names of each of the people from left to right starting in the back and then moving to the front if there are two rows.

Goodbye Calizayas

Daniel Colque, Elder Carter, Elder Singer, Noelia Calizaya, Viviana Calizaya

Goodbye Diaz

Sister Diaz, Elder Carter

Goodbye Federico and Pablo

Federico, Elder Carter, Pablo Vilca, Elder Carrillo

Goodbye Fernanda

Elder Singer, Elder Carrillo, Elder Kingsford, Elder Carter, Maria Fernanda Delgado

Goodbye Jessica

Elder Carter, Jesica Cruz, Sebastian (her son)

Goodbye Juan

Elder Carrillo, Juan Marcelo, Elder Carter

Goodbye Luis

Elder Carrillo, Luis, Elder Carter

Goodbye Karina

Elder Kingsford, Elder Carter, Karina, Elder Carrillo

Goodbye Maria

Elder Carter, Maria Cruz

Goodbye Millan

Elder Carter, President Millan, Sister Millan

Goodbye Ramoa-Ortiz

Elder Singer, Mariana Ortiz, Sister Monica Ortiz, Elder Carter, Pamela Ramoa, Leonel Ortiz (Mariana’s Son), Jose Daniel Ramoa, Jimena Ramoa

Whew! What a lot of great people!!!! I miss them a lot already, but I am excited to be able to see them again when I come back to Argentina someday! Also, I can’t wait until we will all be able to be together in the Spirit World and then in the Celestial Kingdom. It is going to be AMAZING!!!!

Hello Elder Montaño

And last but not least…Hello Elder Montaño! He is diligently working away while I snuck a quick picture. He is a really great guy and I am excited to get to know him!

Anyway… I was glad to hear from all of you back at home! I got to call my family yesterday and yet they all still sent emails today! You guys are super awesome!!!! I love you all so much and I can’t wait to see you again soon when I finish my work here. I hope you all have a great week and I’ll talk to you soon!

Elder Carter

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