Elder Carter's Argentinian Mission

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Latter-Day Saints 101


What a great week!  I was glad to hear from all of you to know that you’re all doing well!  What a great feeling!  This past week we worked hard and had many great experiences.  One of the best experiences happened today when we were able to go teach at the university.

A couple of weeks ago we received an invitation early in the morning.  It was a short letter informing us that a local nursing school was learning about all of the major religions in Jujuy. They wanted to speak with an official representative of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I asked our Mission President and he gave us approval to go with our Branch President to speak to the students. We left early this morning and got there at about 7:00 this morning. The room was packed with students at each table and chairs in the aisles.  We started off with a short introduction and then watched a movie that explains the basic doctrines and purpose of the church.  What followed was an hour and a half of questions and answers . . . it was great!

The first question was about The Book of Mormon.  Where did it come from?  Is it a version of the Bible?  What does it say?  I could tell that all of the students were thinking the same thing…but the question simply came out “What is the Book of Mormon?”  We started to explain its ancient origins, its divine creation, and its convincing power as evidence of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  With all eyes fixated on us, we explained to a room full of medical students about spiritual things – that which doth confound the wise (Alma 32:23).  I spoke to them through my thick “Norte-americano” accent and yet they all listened to the curious “Good News” of the Gospel.

As we continued, they asked about the persecution of the saints, the seeming conflict between creationism and popular scientific theories, different values of church members in regard to euthanasia, abortion, blood transfusions, homosexuality, and other current medical and political topics.  As each one came, the Church had their established standard.  There was no confusion and everything became clear.  It was as if each of their topics had previously been debated in an indecisive and dividing manner so that all were left confused and questioning as to what should be done.  Through ancient and modern revelation, we were able to shed the Gospel light on each of their complicated problems.  Through divine logic and personal confirmations through the Holy Ghost, solutions became very obvious.  There is no confusion with God because His word is as clear as it is flawless and just.  I was amazed as they began to accept simple answers to complicated questions because of the perfect Gospel that He has restored on the earth.

Each one of them appeared to have enjoyed the discussion and they thanked us several times accompanied by rounds of applause (which was fun . . . as missionaries we don’t receive applause very often).  We continued on and left them thinking on all that we had shared.

After this great experience that I was blessed with, I realized just how valuable the Gospel is as a daily guide for each one of us.  Were it not for the gospel, I would be just as confused and tossed by the winds of opinion as anyone.  With the guiding light of doctrine, however, I know exactly what should be done in any moral conflict.  Not only that, I have the privilege of receiving personal revelation for any other major choice that I encounter in life.  I know who I am, my purpose, and where I am going.  I know my divine potential and exactly how to reach it.  We have each been blessed with an outpouring of treasures of knowledge to help, guide, and lift us each and every day. We need to treasure up everything that we have been given and also share it with others – and in doing so, we will be able to be happy ourselves…and isn’t that the goal after all?

Have a great week!  I love you all so much and look forward to hearing from you all soon!  Take care!


Elder Carter
LDS Presentation
Here we are at the university.  From left to right Me, Elder Singer, the professor, President Millan (our Branch President), Daniel Colque (Counselor in the branch presidency).  If any of you would like a recording of the presentation, you can ask me for a copy.  Just remember that it is in Spanish =D.


Here are some pictures of the nearby museum that we visited after the presentation. The exhibit was of historical Northern Argentina.  Here I am learning and enjoying the pictures.

Fancy Stairs

All of the stairs had colorful murals that were really beautiful.


Later, we decided to take a break in one of the conference rooms.

Making History

This is us in one of the final exhibits “Making History”.

Jujuy Train

Jujuy Train

Apartment Spider

And…it just wouldn’t be the same without the most recent spider encounter (this one was crawling on the wall of our apartment).  Enjoy!

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