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Authentic Argentine Photographs


What a great week! We worked hard and it really paid off! Many people are preparing for their baptisms and it is a privilege to be able to witness it. Everyone who has been baptized is doing great and they are faithfully sharing the gospel with everyone around them. Sometimes it makes me wonder, they are teaching me way more then I have taught them. This is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I can’t wait to see what these next months bring.

In other news . . . I haven’t sent pictures (other then a couple from the baptism) in a while. Now I have tons of pictures that I wanted to share. I decided to dedicate this post to “Authentic Argentine Photographs” (name provided in part by Larry the Cucumber). I hope that you enjoy them!

Here I am at Pablo Vilca’s house. We were waiting for my companion to get out of the bathroom so I decided to take his camera for a spin. Isn’t it great?

I found this in Pablo’s bathroom. It is a new brand “Él Vive” with the subheading “Reparacion Total”. That translates to “He Lives! Repair Completely!”. I thought it was a great lesson on the redemptive and healing power available through the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

This is called “Planta del Aire” or “Air Plant”. Why does it have such a strange name you ask? Because it lives purely off of air! Crazy huh? They are all over the power lines here (the cables in-between telephone poles). They live on nothing, but yet keep growing. They are like the cockroaches of the plant world (but much more sanitary and less annoying)!

This was a nice little spider that we found in our kitchen. And yes, it was huge. Don’t worry, there are more coming up!

I saw this little piece of art when I came into our English Class. Does it look familiar? Ha ha!

This is Elder Kingsford (during divisions). He saw a really random sign and pulled that face. Yes, this is a reproduction…but the original was identical. Sadly, I was too caught up laughing and forgot what the sign said. I hope it wasn’t important!

Another great spider. This one was safely outside . . . and about the size of a pea. Much better!

Here I am trying to buy three kilograms of mustard (6-7 pounds). Hot dogs, anyone?

Another inspirational product. It says, “Leche con Fe”, which translated means, “Milk with Faith”. If only it were really that easy . . .

This is a picture of Pablo as he is preparing to teach the gospel with us. He is a great help to us and served his mission in Buenos Aires several years ago.

This is another strange looking bug. It is on my companion’s arm. This is a picture of his wrist with his palm down. I know that someone would ask me because it looks really weird (both the bug and his arm). The real intent of the picture was the bug though . . .

This is a spider that we saw on some concrete. According to my companion, it looks exactly like the Pokemon “Spinarak”. I thought that was pretty cool even though I have never heard of it. It reminded me how exotic looking the animals are here! That is one thing I will definitely miss . . .

Also, I bet that you put your hand palm down to see if it looked like my companions in the last picture…Ha Ha!

This is my companion trying to play pin the tail on the pig. We found out that some sneaky children can cheat while using a tie for a blindfold so we switched to a backpack. It was very effective!

Here is a close-up of the pig. Why it was a pig instead of a donkey . . . I don’t know (it was a member’s game).  Also, why the pig looks the way it does . . . I don’t know either.

This is the horizon at twilight. It looked a lot cooler in real life . . . but you will just have to use your imagination . . . or come to Argentina =D

This is a concrete staircase that doesn’t look very standards compliant. I give it 1/10 for safety and 10/10 for creativity.

Here I am with my companion.  And yes . . . we always look this happy.

This is another weird bug. It had crazy shimmering blue and green colors as it was flying. Luckily, it stopped long enough to take a picture.

This is Ezekiel with Augustine in the background. They were borrowing my camera during an activity and this is what what I got (along with dozens of other random pictures).

This is a bridge that is about to fall apart in our area. We think that it is fairly sturdy because we use it all the time…other people say that it is going to collapse soon. Luckily it is only a two story drop.

This was our meeting place for General Conference. It is wall art with the Trinity on the left and a saying on the right that reads, “My God, you are my refuge and my strength…my aide in times of anguish”.

Here we are at conference making pizza with the branch. It tasted pretty good even though it was just cooked in the microwave. I invented the recipe myself. All you need is half of a pizza crust with sauce, cheese and pepperoni. Put it in the microwave for 2 minutes and 22 seconds. Then cut and serve… bon appetit!

We had a great find at the fruit stand last week. It was a double banana! Twice the deliciousness with half the price!

This was the latest activity. It is called “Pop everyone else’s balloon before they pop yours!” It was lots and lots of fun. I am in the picture trying to pop the balloon of one of our investigators named Juan Marcelo.

Anyway, that is about it for now. I hope that you all enjoyed the pictures. Keep pushing forward and enjoy the journey! I look forward to hearing all of your adventures soon!

Elder Carter

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“Authentic Argentine Photographs”

  1. On June 6th, 2011 at 12:00 pm Sam Pittenger Says:

    Jared! Its sam! Its amazing seeing how well you’re doing! I just got back three weeks ago and am still adjusting! Haha. I pray and hope that you can continue having an amazing mission! You deserve it! I cant wait to see you and hear all about your experiences! This blog site was really a cool idea! Congrats on everything!:) con amor, your long time friend, Sam Pittenger!:)

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