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¡Sin Vergüenza!


I didn’t make it!  Yup, transfer day again.  I got sent to Cuidad de Milagros (City of Miracles) which is an area inside of Salta Capital in Salta.  It was really hard to leave all of my friends in Santiago del Estero, but I am super excited for my new area.  My new companion is from Mexico and he seems like a really great missionary (Elder Avila).

Anyway, you are probably wondering what sin vergüenza means (and no, it has nothing to do with “sins”).  Well, it means “without embarrassment/shy-ness”.  The theme for today comes from Romans 1:16

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth…”

I don’t know if I have mentioned the Guerra family yet, but they are AWESOME!!!  Let me introduce you a little bit.  Carlos and Natalia Guerra are from Salta and they recently moved to Santiago del Estero with their toddler Alejo.  There they opened up a business selling exercise equipment in addition to their online business.  It grew rapidly and they are opening up another one in the neighboring city.  In Salta, they were very active in politics and know many different people in Argentina.  It is really great to be able to talk to them because they are educated and have great ideas.  They were only missing one thing… the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Well, the missionaries came along and luckily (as if luck really existed) found them sitting in the home of a recent convert (the Lazarte Family).  Betty Lazarte invited them over as a surprise and from there we started teaching them.  It seems that they knew that it was something good because they immediately started coming to church and went every week after that.  They studied and in a couple of months were baptized.  The amazing thing is what they did in the meantime…

It is often difficult to share new things with the people that you know because we often have fears of rejection or worse, tarnishing your reputation!  It is even more difficult for some people to share something as personal as religion in an area that is so strongly rooted in religious tradition.  Well, none of this seemed to matter to the Guerra Family.  They shared the gospel sin vergüenza!

One day we showed up to a lesson and we discovered that they brought some of their friends.  They weren’t even baptized but they wanted to share the message.  We started teaching a little bit about the plan of salvation to everyone.  When we got to the Atonement, Carlos couldn’t hold it in any more.  He started testifying about Christ and giving different examples that he recently heard in church.  On several other occasions he shared about Alma and Moroni and was always so excited to testify about our message.  Later on they asked us to come over to their business.  They didn’t have much time to leave for a lesson so they asked us to teach them right there.  There were people walking by as we taught and they could have easily shied away from the idea (especially with the opening and closing prayers in the front desk of their business*), but it didn’t matter to them!  They knew of the truthfulness of what we were saying and they weren’t about to hide it.  They are great examples to me and I won’t shy away from sharing the gospel with everyone.

We can all learn a little bit from their examples.  We all know thousands of people.  Ask yourself this question:  “How many people have I introduced to the missionaries?”  If your answer is less then 10% of your contacts (at least 100 people) then it looks like you can do a little bit more.  And now that we are talking about numbers, remember that God won’t ask you how your numbers were in the final judgment…but he will definitely hold us all responsible for the opportunities that we have been given.  We need to cease to be “ashamed of the gospel of Christ” and move forward “¡Sin Vergüenza!”

Thank you all so much for being such great examples to me!  I love you all so much and can’t wait to hear from you all soon!

Elder Carter

* Note:  Although it isn’t always appropriate and sometimes irreverent to pray in public, other times it can be a very good thing.  Just follow the spirit and you won’t go wrong!

Addendum:  I just left my last area after being there for 6 months.  In the move, I found a large stack of letters with half written replies dating back for months.  The two worst were Wade Wallin’s family and Courtney Dickson (both from January and both with half written replies).  I am so sorry!  Looks like I need to get writing (there are about 10 of you)… please forgive me.  Thanks again!  I love you all tons!  Keep being the great people that you are!

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“¡Sin Vergüenza!”

  1. On July 13th, 2010 at 7:51 am Meghann Says:

    Good luck in Salta!

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