Elder Carter's Argentinian Mission

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Changing Hearts


Hello everyone!

Thank you all so much for your prayers on behalf of Maria Cruz. She was baptized last Saturday and it was AMAZING! I wish I could explain how happy she was to be able to be baptized… It was definitely worth every extra bit of effort! Here is how the miracle worked out:

As I explained last week, her mother had told her to wait for two more years before she could get baptized. Maria tried to talk to her and her mother got really angry. As I also explained, we had an appointment to speak with her on Tuesday. When we went by, she refused to talk to us. She told us to come by on Sunday, but we knew that it would be too late and make it much more difficult for Maria to be baptized. We said that we would try to come by in a moment that she wasn’t busy in the upcoming days. We started to pass by in every bit of spare time that we had during the day. For the next couple of days, we visited their house about every 4 working hours. After being turned away every single time, we started getting really worried – but this is where the magic happened. . .

We started a special fast from Thursday to Friday. Right after ending our fast, we went by to see her again. We clapped the door and she came out. “My daughters have said that you wanted to talk to me,” she said. We explained that it would be great if we could come in and talk. She surprisingly invited us inside and we started praying silently as we entered the house. We sat down and asked if we could sing her a song. We decided to sing “Have I Done Any Good In The World Today” followed by “Nearer My God To Thee”. Gratefully, we could feel the Holy Ghost there with us to accompany our plea. We said a simple yet fervent prayer with them and then we started talking. We offered to help the family in any way that we could and she took us up on the offer. Then I spoke to her of agency and of how much Maria has grown since she started attending church. Her mother agreed and said that she has seen her improve in many ways. Then, I finally explained how deeply Maria wanted to be baptized – her mother admitted that she knew that Maria wanted to be baptized and said with a smile, “I will support her in her decision. What do I need to do?” We were left almost speechless! We didn’t need any convincing, or begging, or anything! She simply offered her complete support. I explained how the baptism would work and invited them all to witness it on Saturday (the whole family ended up coming to support her). As we left the house, I looked at my companion, “You know that what we just saw was a complete miracle, right?” I asked him. “That was amazing,” came his reply.

I know that what had happened was a direct answer to fasting and prayer. I know that many of you prayed and because of your prayers her heart was softened. I don’t know exactly what our Father in Heaven did to help Maria’s mother make the choice that she did. . .but I do know that it was a complete “180 degree” change from where she was several days earlier. It was nothing short of a miracle. Immediately after Maria was baptized, I looked up out of the font and saw her mother almost in tears. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I know that Maria will be able to bless the lives of everyone in her family and might even be the example that will lead them into the waters of baptism themselves.

Felix, Augustine, and Ezequiel were also baptized. It was also amazing! They are in the pictures below. Karina decided to wait until her mother decides to witness her baptism. I know that she will also be baptized when the time is right. It was definitely a week to remember!

I really do appreciate all of your prayers and support! You are all doing much more then you realize! I love you all so much! Have an amazing week!

Elder Carter

This is a picture us right before the baptism on Saturday
From Left to Right: Ezequiel Aima, Augustine Yurkina, Felix Flores, Elder David Kingsford, Elder Nathan Singer, Me, Maria Cruz, Elder Zion Carrillo

Here we are with all of their families and a couple of members from the branch. Enjoy!

Fun Pictures!

Hello everyone!
Here are some pictures that I have taken recently… I hope that you enjoy them!  Have a great week!
Argentine Lizard
This is a lizard that we found wandering around our apartment.  He is really nice and very fast (Elder Carrillo was the lucky one who caught him).
Body Building
This is what happens if you use your 30 minutes of exercise wisely in the morning.
Elder Carrillo


Elder Kingsford


Elder Singer
Here are some pictures of the other three elders in the pension. (Okay, they don´t really look like that…but I thought it was funny anyway!)
FHE Team 1


FHE Team 2
Here are the two teams from a ward activity called Fun Night.  We played charades, pictionary, puzzles, and mind tricks.  It was really fun and my team won!  Luckily, we shared the prize (homemade carmel popcorn, candies, and punch).
Giant Mosquitos
Here is one of the giant mosquitos that live with us (again, caught alive by Elder Carrillo).
Our View
This is the view from our apartment.  It is even better from the hill looking down.
Salt Lake Temple Puzzle
This is probably the only scale model of the Salt Lake Temple in Jujuy!  Cool huh?  It was a puzzle that came as three perforated cardboard sheets…genius!
Elder Carter

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Ramoa Family Pictures


Picture time again!

I was going to send some pictures of us hauling roofing supplies and also of our trip to Humawaca, Jujuy…but I don’t have very much time left.  Here are the most important ones =D

This is the Ortiz-Ramoa family.  They are absolutely wonderful and have been working towards their baptism for a little while now.  This past Saturday they were all able to be baptized together.  They each have huge testimonies and are great examples to me of changing everything in order to follow Christ’s example.  They are always willing to make and keep the commitments that we give them which shows that they are well on their way to visit the temple someday soon!
Here we are all in white!  From left to right we have:  Me, José Daniel (like my brother-in-law!), Luis Fernando, Monica Elizabeth, Brenda Mariana, Elder Kingsford, and Elder Singer.  Fernando is holding Mariana’s son and and Monica is holding her granddaughter in the next picture.
This is a picture of us with many of the ward members that attended the baptism.  It was a great experience, and I know that they will be great members of the church!  They are amazing!

Anyway, my time is up, but I look forward to hearing from all of you soon!  Have a great week!

Elder Carter

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The Bonds of Love


This week was absolutely fantastic!  We were able to work much more efficiently (thank goodness) and the fruits of our labors more than offset our effort (which is no surprise – it is always like that when you are working on the right team!).  If everything goes well, I will be able to send pictures of my new companion next week (he has a 50% chance of coming in tomorrow).  For now, you will just have to make do with the three of us – ha ha.

I also want to share really quickly something that happened this past week.  We were planning for our week and during each weekly planning session, we end with a companionship inventory.  We started off by setting goals together and giving each other constructive suggestions for improvement.  Then, we have the opportunity to share what our companion’s strengths are and different things that we have learned from them.

As we started to share with one another a warm spirit filled the room.  As we explained what we enjoyed and had learned from one another, I realized that I had grown to love these missionaries in working with them for two short weeks.  I started thinking about the people that we teach and I realize that within a couple of lessons, we become very attached to them, too.  I start worrying about them – if they are reading and praying, how they feel, will they come to church, how is their family, etc.  Then I realized something else as Elder Singer was talking about President Northcutt the other day.  He said that it will be really hard for the President to end his mission because he has become very attached to us as missionaries.  Many times when he hears us sing he will start to get emotional and you can tell that he loves us as he speaks with us in our interviews.

These three observations really impacted me this past week.  Where one was lost in Christlike service to another, he developed a bond of love that is incredibly strong.  It doesn’t take years to develop, all it takes is a heartfelt concern for the well being of another.  We should create these strong bonds with everyone around us.  As we do, we will be able to be more support to them in times of need, and they will also be able to help as we struggle with our own challenges.  This is what God wants for us just as it says in Ecclesiastes 4, “Two are better than one…for if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow.”  Also, life is better with love and without others, life becomes empty and void.

Remember to lift and serve all those around you.  Become lost in the service of others and you will find yourself in the process (Mark 8).  Also, thank you all for everything you have done and are doing to help me.  All of your love and prayers are helping me so much while I am serving here.  I hope that you all have an amazing week and I can’t wait to hear from you all soon!

Elder Carter

P.S.  Here are the pictures as promised!

Elder Kingsford found a new friend at our investigators hous and they made such a great pair!

Elder Kingsford found a new friend at our investigators house and they made such a great pair!

Here we are confirming some plans.  The mission is full of plans and goals!

Here we are confirming some plans.  The mission is full of plans and goals!

Here we are while welcoming people to English Class... also lots of fun!

Here we are while welcoming people to English Class… also lots of fun!

This is a sculpture that we found after coming back from our pday activity.  It looks like a heart with some faces coming out of it on top of a llama.  I am not quite sure what it is.

This is a sculpture that we found after coming back from our P-day activity.  It looks like a heart with some faces coming out of it on top of a llama.  I am not quite sure what it is.

This is how we look  in our natural habitat.  We were actually having too much fun with the new smile detection on my camera.

This is how we look  in our natural habitat.  We were actually having too much fun with the new smile detection on my camera.

We had a new activity at the church called fun night... here we are with our fun faces on!

We had a new activity at the church called fun night… here we are with our fun faces on!

¡Los Traslados!

We just made it through another crazy transfer day!  Sadly, I lost my companion (Elder Pizarro) who got sent to Aguilares in Tucuman.  Elder Silva (who was Elder Singer´s companion) went to another part of Jujuy.  It was sad to see them go, but we are excited for our new companions, too!
I am a bit short on time, and so in honor of Transfer day, here are some pictures of my companion and Elder Silva… Enjoy!!!
Branch Missionaries
A group picture of the branch missionaries.
Beautiful Reflection-1
A cool reflection of my companion and me.  Check out my new camera that safely made it through the mail system!
Goodbye Asado
Goodbye asado (a social event with barbeque)!  Here’s to many good friends!
Silva and Luis
Luis and Elder Silva tracting in Jujuy.
Silva and Singer
Companions Elder Silva and Elder Singer.
Silva Armed
Elder Silva acting out Book of Mormon stories.
Um...Bless You.
Hamming it up for the camera . . . um . . . Bless You!?
What are you looking at
What are you looking at?
Whats going on (silva)
What’s going on?
Pizarro and Me
Me and my companion, Elder Pizarro.  Life is good!!
Pizarro Close Up-1
Elder Pizarro, up close and personal!
Pizarro Twins
Elder Pizzaro meets his twin!
Pizarro Playing
Elder Pizarro plays “airplane” with a young girl.
Pizarro Stylish
Elder Pizarro looking stylin’ and ultra cool!
Pizarro Knocking
Elder Pizarro doing what missionaries do, knocking on doors.
Pizarro Armed
Acting out Book of Mormon stories, complete with bow and arrow.
Goodbye Pizarro
Saying goodbye to Elder Pizarro at the bus station.
I hope that you all have a great week!  I love you all tons and tons!  I´ll be sure to send lots of great stuff about the work and my new companion next Monday.  Take care!
Elder Carter

Another Crazy Week!


Elder Singer took this picture while I was trying to breath some air from the United States.  It was great, but I forgot that United States air tastes like plastic…
(It is packaging material from a box that Elder Singer received.  We are on our way home from a District Meeting.)

This picture is dedicated to my brother Daniel.  It is “Ultra Guarana” flavored deodorant (and it actually smells really good)!  Guarana is a super-fruit from Brazil that they usually put in energy drinks.  Crazy huh?
Ultra Guarana
My companion was sewing his pants this morning and I wanted a picture with him.  This is what happened…
Sewing Pants
Here in downtown Jujuy there is a famous sandwich shop called Du Du Sandwiches (pronounced “Doo Doo Sandwiches”).  I thought it was an interesting branding choice…Yum!  Bon appetit!
Du Du
This is an original design by KristenArt® made from fishing line and alligator clips. Each photo spins independently displaying both sides for endless picture combinations!  This is the foot-of-bed model for instant happiness every morning.  Good morning family!

Good Morning

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Welcome to Jujuy!


This last week was great (again)!  I just love being a missionary!  It is so awesome!  We are teaching a whole bunch of people and several of them are preparing and excited to become baptized.  I will definitely have some stories to tell in the upcoming weeks, but until then here are the first few pictures from Jujuy:

When I got here, I noticed that one of the brands of Dulce de Leche* puts this “Argentina Pride” logo on all of their products.  I thought it was funny so I took a picture…  Argentina Pride!!!!!
Argentina Pride
I have noticed that there are a lot of tropical and crazy looking bugs here.  I haven’t been able to take pictures of all of them (for obvious reasons) but here were three that we have already found in our apartment.

First, this is a bright green beetle that crawled to the middle of the floor and then tucked its legs under itself and played dead.  He was quite interesting and rather shy.
Crazy Green Bug
Then, we found this one perched on the wall outside our bathroom.  He was about 5 inches long and I put a coin next to him for proof.  He could have easily eaten one of us if we weren’t looking.
Crazy Monster Bug
Finally, I found this little guy.  It is a mosquito (as evidenced by the 4 mosquito bites I got right before this picture) but is covered in white stripes.  I call him “Ze-squito-bra” (pronounced zee-skee-tough-bruh… which is the scientific name for when you cross a zebra with a mosquito).
Crazy Mosquito
None of the insects were harmed as all of them were later released into the wild.

Here is a picture of one of the member’s daughters.  Just in case you were wondering what a Jujeña looked like – adorable huh?
This is Jujuy – as taken on our way to Purmamarca.  Notice the red rocks (like Southern Utah), followed by the super green hill (unlike Southern Utah).
This is the hill right behind Purmamarca.  It is called the Mountain of 7 Colors.  It was absolutely beautiful and someday I would love to climb it!
Mountain of 7 Colors
And now… Purmamarca!  Cool huh?  People actually lived in adobe houses but it has become quite tourist-y as evidenced by the next picture.

This is a tourist trap.  Notice the authentic rocks placed laboriously around…wait…are those advertisements in the window?  Beautiful none-the-less!
Tourist Trap
This is the largest Vanilla Tootsie Roll I have ever seen.  If you have never tried one, it is a sugary stick of vanilla happiness.  I highly recommend it (5 stars in fact)…and so do all of the other Elders in my apartment.  Thanks again family, for the great Christmas!!!
Tootsie Roll
This is our Ward Mission Leader…and he is absolutely awesome!  He is 19 and is planning on turning in his mission papers within several months.  This is how awesome he is:  this past week he taught several of our investigators with us, then he taught the Young Single Adults on Saturday, then the youth in Sunday School, and then he gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting… and he was baptized one year ago.  Did I mention that he is awesome?
Ward Mission Leader
Anyway… that’s about it for now.  I’ll try to share a couple of pictures each time instead of having a monster picture blog once a month with all of the plain ones in between.  Here’s to hoping!

Have a great week!  It is worth it!  (Yes, it is your choice).

Elder Carter

*Dulce de Leche:  Carmel that people in South America put on everything…crackers, cakes, bread, fruit, etc.  It tastes really good because it is (traditionally) made with 100% sugar and milk.  It is also one of our favorites as missionaries (and yes, we put it on everything, too)!

Picture Day!


Hello Everyone!

I finally remembered to bring my camera to the cyber!  I plugged in the card reader and…nothing!  Luckily, I just bought another one on the way here because a lady was selling them for $5 on the street.  I thought it would be nice to have one in case mine broke.  Weird thought, huh?  Well, it looks like we are being watched after – even on “Preparation Day”!
1- Book of Mormon - Click Here
This is a funny picture of my last companion Elder Ayala.  The cutting board was shaped like that but wasn’t meant to look like a cursor.  I guess that’s what you get for being a computer nerd!
2- Ayala Kissing Snail
Later on he decided to kiss a snail… I don’t know why =D.  I took this photo during a service project with Liliana Lopez.
3- Lake View

For our last zone activity in Salta, we wanted to play soccer.  We picked out a really nice spot on the side of a nearby lake and this was the view.

This would have been our baptism of Ariel and Romina (not shown).  I just barely realized that I lost the pictures (I think another camera I used overwrote the folder).  Luckily my companion (and about 5 other members in the ward) have copies.  Thank goodness for friends!
4- Monica´s Baptism

Here is Monica’s baptism.  She felt so good at Ariel and Romina’s baptism that she asked what she should do to be baptized (like I explained last week).  It was an amazingly spiritual experience!
5- Christmas (Eve) Dinner

People here don’t really celebrate Christmas Day.  They celebrate with a large Christmas Eve dinner and then there are fireworks at midnight and they party until sunrise.  Then, almost everyone is sleeping during Christmas.  We celebrated with the dinner without giving up our sleep.
6- Opening Presents
Christmas day was full of caroling, and visiting with other missionaries during the planned zone activity (lunch with a gift exchange).  We also had some time to open presents and TALK WITH OUR FAMILIES!!!  WOO-HOO!!!

As we said goodbye, I took a ton of pictures.  Here are a few of them:
7- Goodbye Familia Neumann

The Neumann Family (the Bishop and his family)…
8- Goodbye YM

Some Young Men from the ward…
9- Vaqueros

The view from the Torres home (during our goodbyes)…
10- Crazy Bug

A cool looking bug in the Torres home (again, while I were saying goodbye)…
11- Goodbye Familia Torres (Service)

The Torres Family…
12- Goodbye Familia Mamani

The Mamani Family…
13- Goodbye Nadia

14- Are you really going to take my picture

Oscar (He was probably thinking, “Are you really going to take my picture?”)
15- Goodbye Party

And… the surprise “Going Away” party!
16- Hello Jujuy

Finally, last but not least… My trip to Jujuy on the upper front seat of a double decker bus!  What an amazing trip!

Well, that’s it for Salta… next week I’ll hopefully have some of Jujuy!  I hope you all have a great week!  Things are going great here and I am glad to hear that you are all doing well, too!  Have an amazing (and memorable) week!

Elder Carter

Numbers Lesson


Hello Everyone!!

This week was super fantastic!!!  We were able to work hard, found several new people to teach, and everyone else is doing well – although they still have their difficulties.  I don’t remember if I told you, but one of the other missionaries taught me that Jesus Christ was tempted directly after his baptism.  Right after we make covenants, Satan wants us to break them (which is somewhat related to the letter I wrote about difficulties before they are baptized).  One of the recent converts in our ward is having some difficulties because her parents have kicked her out of her home – which was indirectly caused by her joining the church.  Before my mission, I had heard about many stories that were like that, but it becomes much more real when you are there and talk to the people as their story unfolds.  The good news is that they are all standing behind their wall of faith and holding to the rod that they encountered.  All of the converts to the church are such great examples to me!

Well, I already talked about the trials that we always seem to run across in our lives (especially when we are making the most progress), so I want to tell you something interesting that I just learned.

President Arnold (South America South Area) came to visit us and I learned a ton of new things.  When I was talking with my companion afterward, I keep remembering different things that I learned a day and a half later!  Much of what he shared had to do with how to serve better, but he also talked about what to do after the mission (although I still have a bit of time left!).  One thing that he taught us is for any kind of a leader…and it comes from Numbers 11.

Numbers 11?!  The one in the Old Testament?  Yes!  (Don’t worry, I like to learn from the Book of Mormon just like you – but there are many great things to be learned from the Old Testament, too!)  He said that there are many things that we need to learn from this chapter such as not complaining (see verse one…we all thought it was funny), about the burdens of callings (verses 11-15), and others.  These are all great lessons, but one specific part impressed me the most…

In verse 17 it says something super interesting.  “I will take of the spirit which is upon thee, and will put it upon them.”  God told Moses that he would take the spirit that Moses had and transmit it to others who were in need of it.  Elder Arnold asked us, “Why didn’t God just send His spirit down directly?  What is going on?”  Well, we were all baffled (as we often are).  He then explained a very important principle.  Leaders have the opportunity to transmit their spirit (the Holy Ghost) to those that they are serving.  It is a necessary step in good leadership.  When a leader has the spirit, others are able feel the spirit’s influence through them.  On the other hand, when one fails to invite the spirit into their life – those that he/she is serving might not have the opportunity that they would have had otherwise.  In other words, without inflicting on the agency of others, the influence and strength of the spirit in a group largely depends on those called to serve them.

In the ward, when the Bishop is living in harmony with the spirit, everyone in his care will be able to feel the spirit more strongly – because he is transmitting it!  When missionaries are living in harmony with the spirit, their investigators and the missionaries under their direction will be able to feel the spirit more strongly!  The same thing applies to parents, home and visiting teachers, mission presidents, apostles, the prophet, and anyone else who has a sacred charge to care for others.  The importance of living worthy of the spirit in EVERY MOMENT was magnified in a way that I had never thought of before!

There are many things that we can do to invite the spirit.  In fact, almost everything that we do in the church is to invite the spirit.  From the songs that we sing, to the clothes we wear, what we say, how we pray…EVERYTHING is set up to try to invite the spirit more into our lives.

I am so glad to know each and every one of you.  You are all huge examples to me.  I love and thank all of you for transmitting the spirit that you have to me.  I am strengthened each day – and much of it is as a direct result of what you are all doing back at home (and all over the world!)  Thank you all so very much!  I love you all and hope that you have another great week!  Keep being strong and inviting the spirit into your life and into the lives of everyone around you!

Elder Carter

P.S.  Here are some of the pictures that we took today.  We decided to go enjoy ourselves next to a nice stream) we brought fruits, pastries, a blanket, and scripture mastery – everything you need for a good time!).  When we got there, we discovered that the stream was dry.  We found a trail-head upstream a little ways and decided to see where it went.  It started out with a steep climb up the face of the mountain, wrapped around behind, and came out on the mountain peaks!

King of the World-1
We followed it along and it went from mountain peak to mountain peak.
Mountain Peaks

We kept going (staying oriented by the cities below us – with 360 degree views you cannot get lost).  We found the city that is on the border of Salta and realized that the mountains behind me are in Jujuy!

At the top we realized that we could easily drop down into a neighboring town and take a bus home.  It turned out to be a very long drop home – and a 5.5 hour long trip.  We were very happy when we finally reached civilization!
Back to Civilization
Anyway, thanks again and have a great week!  I love you all tons!

Would You Like A Ferrari?


Wow, transfer day again!  Can you believe it?  Well, everyone in our pension stayed the same so we were able to celebrate P-Day with our normal activities (shopping, cleaning, and climbing mountains).  Today, we went to San Lorenzo.  I will post some of our pictures at the end of the letter.

In other news, the new members here are doing very well!  Nadia is still sharing the gospel with everyone that will listen to her (and us).  Marcos is very active and has gone on several hikes with the youth.  Brisa just performed in the Primary Program yesterday and did fantastic (congratulations, Brisa).  Raul has finished reading The Book of Mormon and is in Section 64 of the Doctrine and Covenants.

Also, many other people are progressing towards their baptisms.  Arnaldo is ready for his baptism but is waiting to work out a family issue.  He has gone with us to teach other investigators.  Just yesterday, he testified about tithing – he’s awesome!  Brisa’s brother is attending church with her and her mother is reading The Book of Mormon.  Nadia’s mother agreed to a bible exchange with me (LDS version for her Gnostic version… just because I am a missionary doesn’t mean I stopped making business deals)!  Nadia’s brother, Ignacio, has read about 15 pages in The Book of Mormon, all of the pamphlets, attended church several times, and is going to some of the activities – and he is only 11 years old!

Oh, and I quickly wanted to share something Elder Alliaud (South America South Area Seventy) explained to us that I thought was interesting.  He said that every single person comes into this world with two things – a family and a body.  There are absolutely no exceptions and it was divinely ordained to be that way.  Through these two things we will find our highest joys, but we will also encounter our deepest and most difficult trials.  It was divinely ordained to be that way.  We were sent here to learn, experience mortality, grow, and progress.  Through mastering these two things in the way that Christ has taught us, we will earn our eternal reward.

He then explained that Satan has twisted this doctrine in almost every single world religion.  They teach that in this life we are to learn to master our bodies and our relationships with others but as a reward we will be sent to a place without bodies and without our families.  He said it is like mastering the intricate skill of racing a Ferrari in order to be given a tricycle.  It makes absolutely no sense, but that is what Satan has caused the world to believe.

Our eternal reward is an eternal family to be enjoyed in a perfectly resurrected state.  The task is to follow Christ in His perfect gospel in order to master the intricate skills required to become like Him.  We cannot do it alone, but with His help, we all have the opportunity to gain exaltation.  That is the plan – but it doesn’t depend on Him.  He already did His part.  Now, it depends on us to fulfill the plan that we chose to follow.  You can do it and He will be waiting for you on the other side with outstretched arms.  Just push a little bit harder each day.  It is worth it!!!!

I love you all so much!  Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you next week!

Elder Carter

P.S.  Here are some pictures from today…
Argentina Hills
We hiked out from a place called San Lorenzo which is just a 40 cent bus ride from downtown Salta (I love the prices in Argentina!) We hiked through the mountains in a jungle – and it was awesome!
Giant Trees
As we went, we noticed that the trees were a little bigger then normal!
Zip Line
Also, there was a zip line that stretched from one mountain to another – sadly we weren’t able to try it out (mission rules)  but in 2014 it will be something fun to try!
The River-1
Also, there was a river that we crossed several times…here is a close up to show that the water was real.  We didn’t taste it though (also mission rules – haha).

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  I would love it if you sent me some of your pictures, too!  You can send them to jared.carter@myldsmail.net.  Thanks a tons!  I love you all!  Talk to you again soon!

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